Geomechanics & Stress Distribution

Measuring stress differences in shale

Variable properties in shale result in stress profiles that cannot be accurately predicted with conventional evaluation techniques. Measuring the stress improves completion effectiveness and perforating operations by accounting for shale's unique heterogeneity.

Isolating natural fractures

Tools and services are identified to effectively fracture the areas seen in the stress profiles. By fracturing the intervals with the highest reservoir and completion quality, you can ultimately maximize production.

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform

Understand the reservoir stress regime and anisotropy through 3D acoustic measurements made axially, azimuthally, and radially.

TerraTek Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis Services

Get vital answers needed to understand reservoir rock behavior and the mechanical changes associated with completion and production operations.

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Engineered Completions Boost Eagle Ford NPV by 30%

The engineered completion design aligns the fracture stages and their perforation clusters with intervals of high reservoir quality and similar completion quality.
Targeting intervals with high reservoir and completion quality increased the contributing perforation clusters to 82%. Read case study