Rock & Fluids Analysis

Characterizing source rock

Assessing and exploiting unconventional plays requires an assessment of the lateral and vertical heterogeneity of tight rocks, including porosity, permeability, inorganic and organic chemistry, and mechanical properties. Integration of these data sets allows a complete picture of both the depositional and diagenetic impacts on the rock properties for use in predictive modeling.

Improving completions

Fluid sensitivity, proppant embedment, and mechanical properties are among the tests able to be performed on both sidewall and whole core samples to determine how source rocks will perform during completion. By providing data for completion models and testing fluids prior to completion, these analyses help to derisk the completion stage.

Modeling the reservoir

Understanding the reservoir involves integrating a variety of techniques from 3D models of nanoscale features to multiwell models of rock properties. Combining mechanical, geochemical, and petrologic data from core data with wireline and seismic data provides a more complete picture of the reservoir.

XL-Rock Large-Volume Rotary Sidewall Coring Service

Retrieve up to fifty 1.5-in-OD by 2.5-in-long large-volume sidewall core samples in a single descent.

CoreFlow Digital Rock and Fluid Analytics Services

Integrate routine physical laboratory analysis with the latest in 3D digital simulation and evaluation to get a more accurate view of your core sample.

Litho Scanner High-Definition Spectroscopy

Sourcelessly measure key elements and quantitatively determine total organic carbon (TOC) in a wide variety of formations.

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform

Configure platform to maximize exposure and reduce risk in your reservoir.

FLAIR Fluid Logging & Analysis in Real Time

Obtain a unique quantitative analysis of C1–C5 analogous to the downhole formation fluid and qualitative information on the C6–C8 components and light aromatics in gas extracted from drilling mud at surface.

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Litho Scanner High-Definition Spectroscopy Service

Litho Scanner
Obtain stand-alone quantitative determination of total organic carbon (TOC).
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TerraTek Rock Mechanics and Core Analysis Services

TerraTEK lab
From characterizing the reservoir and finding the most profitable zones to ensuring completion quality, the comprehensive suite of TerraTek services can be used throughout the life of your reservoir.
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