Using Seismic & Nonseismic Data

Identify sweet spots to maximize recovery

Whether shooting a reconnaissance survey in a new basin or using seismic-derived stress and fracture analysis to plan a horizontal well program, leveraging seismic and nonseismic data improves exploration and development decisions.

Using microseismic for unconventionals

Microseismic data provides accurate characterization of the locations, geometry, and dimensions of a hydraulic fracture system. Advanced processing techniques provide fracture characterization that enhances fracture models and reservoir characterization for production simulation.

Integrating remote sensing to reduce risk

Integrate electromagnetics and gravity measurements with seismic to reduce exploration risk.

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Seismic Improves Marcellus Shale Gas Asset Optimization

Integrating 3D seismic data with production metrics and logging measurements pinpoints highest-quality areas of unconventional reserves.
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