Tight Gas & Oil

Untapped natural gas is the key to affordable power generation

Significant quantities of gas and oil are located in many regions and countries. Localized supplies of gas are preferred for national power generation because of the relatively low transportation costs, while liberating liquids for export. As global development continues, the demand for affordable sources of power will also continue and natural gas is likely to best meet this need.

Stimulation poses a challenge in tight gas and oil recovery

The challenge in tight gas and oil is reserve evaluation and effective stimulation for recovery. The very low porosities, often less than 10%, make finding and evaluating tight reservoirs difficult. This can lead to large uncertainties in reserves calculations, jeopardizing the sanctioning of the project. Once quantified, production of these tight reservoirs usually involves stimulation at great depths, which is a technical and economic challenge.

Tight gas and oil development involves managing uncertainty

A carefully laid field development plan and evaluation of several contingency scenarios is the first step in meeting a tight reservoir challenge. Accurate measurements minimize uncertainties, enabling the best possible reserves estimates and tailoring of the completion procedure. The often high pressures and high temperatures encountered in the well construction phase and, more importantly, during completion require qualified tools, fluids, and expertise to do the job right the first time, economically draining the reservoir.

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