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Metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system

Casing Reconnect metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system is an ISO 14310 V0–rated, full-axial-load-bearing reconnection solution that uses proprietary Metalmorphology metal-to-metal sealing and anchoring technology to seamlessly address stuck or damaged casing.

With no elastomers and no reduction in ID, this reliable system can help keep drilling programs on schedule without the need for lengthy fishing operations or costly sidetracks, reestablish casing integrity, and realign space-out (e.g., when connecting a subsea wellhead to surface for workover operations).

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Casing Reconnect System Enables Operator to Avert Sidetrack Contingency

Casing Reconnect System Enables Gas-Tight Casing and Wellhead Repair, Averting Sidetrack Contingency
Metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing and wellhead repair helps restore well integrity for gas lift, offshore Qatar.
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Gas-Tight Solutions for Casing and Liner Problems

Metal-to-Metal Casing and Liner Solutions
Learn more about our metal-to-metal solutions, especially for problem-solving in subsea wells.
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Meta Downhole Ltd. joined Schlumberger in 2016. The company’s Metalmorphology technology uses established principles to shape metal downhole that reliably conforms to the casing or liner geometry, delivering permanent metal-to-metal isolation.
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