ACTive Intervene CT Real-Time Wellbore Intervention Service

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Perform multiple remedial operations

ACTive Intervene service combines multiple disciplines that require physical manipulation of the wellbore and fluids. By enabling multiple-tool deployment, ACTive Intervene service provides operators with the ability to make decisions based on real-time data in numerous well intervention scenarios, such as cleanouts, lifting, manipulation, video imaging investigation, fishing, and milling.

ACTive Intervene service comprises the following CT services:

In milling operations, the ACTive Xtreme CT real-time rugged downhole measurement tool withstands shock and vibration while providing precise depth control measurements and pressure information. Combining these measurements with torque achieves the optimal weight-on-bit for operational efficiency.

In fishing operations, the downhole sensors of the ACTive Xtreme tool enable more accurate representation of downhole forces when retrieving tools or a fish by providing precise positioning, quantified force application, sensitive weight measurements, and shock detection.

For operations requiring more information about wellbore conditions, ACTive Intervene service provides telemetry of downhole videos and a flow-through camera system, which enables circulation while collecting video images.

Using related tools to acquire precise depth, tension and compression, pressure, and temperature measurements, ACTive Intervene service can be deployed to operate downhole valves such as sliding sleeves—with real-time confirmation of opening or closing—and confirm accurate location, manipulation, and shifting of tools and wellbore equipment.

ACTive Cleanout CT real-time wellbore fill removal service actively monitors the pressure differential and bottomhole temperature across the BHA to improve performance during sand, debris, or proppant cleanout; wellbore displacement; mechanical and chemical cleanout; and soft or hard scale removal.

Nitrogen lifting 
ACTive Lift CT real-time nitrogen lifting service improves CT nitrogen lift operation time and fluid efficiency based on continuous monitoring of wellbore pressure, which enables faster and more controlled restoration of well production while avoiding solids production. This service also aids field performance characterization and artificial lift evaluation.

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ACTive Intervene CT Real-Time Wellbore Intervention Service
The ACTive TC tool enabled tagging, latching, and retrieval of the fish to be clearly identified during the operation with absolute confidence.
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