ACTive Intervene CT Real-Time Wellbore Intervention Service

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Case Studies
Date Title Challenge Products
Aug 2017 Real-Time Downhole CT Services Clean Out 250-m Sand Fill with 60% Time Savings, Gabon ACTive Cleanout, ACTive PTC, ACTive Intervene, ACTive TC
Mar 2016 Operator in Southern Mexico Doubles Oil Production in Low-Pressure Reservoir Using ACTive Services Carbonates ACTive, ACTive Matrix, ACTive OptiFIRE, ACTive Lift, ACTive DTS, ACTive PTC
Jul 2015 ACTive TC Tool Enables Retrieval of 45-ft Toolstring Within 36 Hours ACTive, ACTive TC
Jun 2015 ACTive TC Tool Enables Shifting of 10 ICDs in Horizontal Wells Within 6 Hours ACTive, ResFlow, ReSOLVE, ACTive TC
Jan 2009 Regaining Production from a Sand-Plugged Reservoir in Deepwater Indonesia ACTive, ACTive Cleanout, ACTive PTC
Jan 2008 ACTive Cleanout Provides Downhole Access for Perforating Multiple Zones in South China Sea ACTive, Coiled Tubing Perforating, ACTive Cleanout, ACTive Perf, ACTive PTC, eFire-CT