ACTive Isolation CT Real-Time Zonal Isolation Service

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Achieve accurate depth setting, sealing element operation, and fluid placement

When performing temporary or permanent CT zonal isolation, ACTive Isolation service controls the pressure differential across the sealing elements and tools to improve performance and reduce operational risk—all in a single run. Precise, controlled fluid placement is delivered by constantly monitoring downhole forces, depth, and pressure differentials to extend critical zonal isolation and thru-tubing efficiency to previously inaccessible environments. 

ACTive Isolation Service Reduces Water Production by 4,000 bbl/d

Real-time measurements from the ACTive Isolation service enabled a successful single-run operation and improved operational reliability while reducing the risk of failure. Read case study

Treat multiple zones in a single intervention 

ACTive Isolation service can be deployed with the ACTive Straddle CT real-time multiset inflatable packer, which provides a reliable multiset mechanism and rugged, high-pressure seal at high inflation ratios. Multiple remedial operations can be performed and repeated on existing wellbore access points, such as open perforations, fracture ports, ICDs, and sliding sleeves, all without killing the well.

ACTive Straddle CT Real-Time Multiset Inflatable Packer

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