ACTive OptiFIRE CT Real-Time Selective Perforating and Activation System

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Improve efficiency by perforating multiple zones in a single run

The ACTive OptiFIRE CT real-time selective perforating and activation system’s perforating guns can be activated up to 10 times with precise downhole depth and hydrostatic pressure control—all in a single run. Fewer runs for single-perforation attempts reduce downtime, minimizing costs and risk. 

Middle East Operators Maximize Field Economics with Real-Time Perforating System

Two Middle East operators successfully deployed a safer, more efficient and cost-effective method for selective perforating with CT on conventional and unconventional horizontal wells, accomplishing in one run what otherwise would have required multiple runs.  Read industry article

Activate perforating heads without pumping fluid 

Unlike conventional perforating heads operated by hydraulics, the ACTive OptiFIRE system does not require pumping fluid for activation and wellbore fluid circulation, making it well-suited for subhydrostatic wells, high-flow-rate wells, and unstable or fluid-sensitive formations. 

Confirm detonation in real time 

The system does not require a ball drop or a pressure pulse system to detonate and can be used with a wide range of perforating guns that are compatible with Secure2 RF-safe electronic detonators and addressable switches. The surface system selectively fires individual guns from the bottom up without pumping fluid, and detonation is confirmed in real time through built-in sensors, such as pressure, temperature, casing collar locator, and accelerometer—improving overall safety.

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Live Coiled Tubing Job Sets Record Time, Increases Production

Initialization of the joint well intervention–wireline rigless deployment of the ACTive OptiFIRE system’s bottomhole assembly.
With the ACTive OptiFIRE system, perforating gun detonation time was reduced by 75%, and the customer realized a production increase of 18%.
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Minimize Costs with Precise Downhole Depth

ACTive OptiFIRE CT Real-Time Selective Perforating and Activation System
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