ACTive Profiling CT Real-Time Production Logging and Distributed Temperature Sensing Services

Overview Tools Library

ACTive Profiling services can be deployed with the following tools

ACTive PS Live CT Production Logging Service

ACTive PS CT real-time production logging service combines advanced production logging with all ACTive services for the most accurate picture of well production. 
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ACTive PTC live CT pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator tool

ACTive PTC CT real-time pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator tool enables operators to adjust the entire treatment based on live monitoring of pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator measurements. Download product sheet

ACTive GR Live CT Gamma Ray Logging Tool

ACTive GR CT real-time gamma ray logging tool records naturally occurring gamma rays in the formations adjacent to the wellbore to accurately measure the radioactive content of the formations, enabling precise depth control.
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ACTive PS Service Identifies Water- and Hydrocarbon-Bearing Zones During Production Logging

ACTive PS CT Real-Time Production Logging Service
Part of ACTive Profiling services, the ACTive PS production logging service enabled the RSTPro tool to access and log highly deviated and horizontal wells in real time. Read case study