ACTive PS CT Real-Time Production Logging Service

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High-quality data improves traditional production logging service

By integrating production logging with coiled tubing (CT) intervention, ACTive PS CT real-time production logging service dramatically improves on the traditional production logging process. Where a logging cable–equipped CT string and a standard CT unit are required to convey logging data, the ACTive PS service uses just one fiber-optic string for both stimulation and logging operations. This setup combines real-time fiber-optic telemetry with existing advanced wireline production logging tools, making high-quality production logging data available during intervention—where it matters most.

Production Logging Service Saves Operator 10 Days During Rig Operations

An integrated system with ACTive PS service reduced rig operations by 10 days during plug setting and well cleanout.  Read case study

Real-time measurements keep well production on track

Distributed temperature measurements are captured in real time and combined with production logging data to create the most accurate profile of well production. This real-time functionality helps avoid misruns, lost data, depth inaccuracy, controlled passes, and slickline limitations.

Self-contained service improves safety and saves time

The ACTive PS service is completely self-contained, so only the BHA and a production logging engineer are needed on location with the CT unit, logistically saving time and money. And, production logging operations are more safe with less crew members.

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Reducing Uncertainty for Better Production Operation Decisions

ACTive PS CT Real-Time Production Logging Service
Following a study to find a water-conformance solution, ACTive PS service helped Pemex reduce uncertainty and make the right decision to avoid serious production losses.
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ACTive PS Service Improves Production Logging Process

ACTive PS CT Real-Time Production Logging Service
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