ACTive Q CT Real-Time Downhole Flow Measurement Service

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Enhance fluid measurements with greater downhole monitoring capabilities

ACTive Q service couples real-time fiber-optic telemetry and thermal transfer flow measurements for onsite matrix treatment evaluation and real-time treatment diagnostics in just one run in the well. The service enables operators to evaluate the flow rate contribution to each interval, assess the zonal coverage achieved during the treatment, and decide whether to further adjust the stimulation schedule to optimize the treatment outcome.

ACTive Q service acquires high-quality flow data using the ACTive DFLO CT real-time flow measurement tool, which comprises two sensor arrays that monitor the fluid’s velocity as it travels around the tool.

ACTive Q Service Helps Improve Wells’ Injectivity Index Nearly 300%

An operator in Central America maximized fluid coverage and treatment effectiveness through the control of dual injection with downhole measurements acquired by the ACTive DFLO CT real-time flow measurement tool. Read case study

Achieve greater success during well interventions 

The versatile ACTive Q service provides high-quality downhole flow monitoring data and is complemented by the robust ACTive DFLO CT real-time flow measurement tool. These measurements facilitate decision making and improve the effectiveness of treatment placement by providing operators with highly accurate information.

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Real-Time Flow Measurement Saves 3 Days

ACTive Q service provided real-time downhole flow measurements.
The ACTive Q service performed preprofiling, stimulation, and postprofiling in a single run.
Read case study

ACTive Q Service
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