Coiled Tubing Perforating

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Endure greater tensile and compressive forces when perforating highly deviated and horizontal wells

Coiled tubing provides additional perforating capability and flexibility over other conveyance systems. The rigidity and strength of coiled tubing allows greater tensile and compressive force endurance, a major operational advantage when perforating in highly deviated and horizontal wells or perforating with longer gun strings.

For accurate depth control, coiled tubing wired with integrated electrical cable is run in combination with a casing collar locator and a gamma ray detector. Optional real-time and memory sensors can be used to monitor pressure and temperature.

Live well perforating

Coiled tubing perforating is ideal for live wells. Pressure control techniques are used to run long gun strings and either drop off or retrieve the guns without having to kill the well.

Subsea well perforating

In subsea wells, the subsea lubricator defines the length of gun that can be run. With other wells, the surface riser or surface lubricator valve determines the length of gun. The CIRP deployment system can be used in conjunction with coiled tubing to deploy and retrieve guns under pressure.

Depleted well perforating

In depleted wells where drawdown is insufficient, nitrogen can be circulated at convenience to lighten the overall fluid column, increasing the drawdown at the zone of interest. The resulting pressure differential is similar to that produced by gas lift systems.

Gun activation

There are several ways to activate guns run with coiled tubing, including hydraulic delay firing heads; drop ball firing heads; the eFire-CT coiled tubing–deployed firing head, the use of circulation rates; or electrically, with stiff-wire coiled tubing, which uses standard wireline correlation tools. Hydraulic coiled tubing allows stimulation fluids to be pumped without the risk of damaging a wireline cable.

The pump-over specialty gun is used during fracture operations in horizontal wells to save a cleanout trip between fracturing and perforating the next interval. It allows circulation through a special sleeve on the outside of the gun to the bottom of the string.

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