CoilCAT Coiled Tubing Computer-Aided Treatment

Wellsite information management

CoilCAT coiled tubing computer-aided treatment goes beyond data acquisition to complete well intervention analysis and design. It merges design, execution, and real-time evaluation capabilities, including CoilCADE coiled tubing design and evaluation software, to analyze problems, suggest solutions, and predict the outcome of changing operational parameters within pressure and tension limits.

CoilCAT treatment allows job preparation in advance and reporting on location with real-time data, including

  • visual wellbore and CT string data
  • key job parameters 
  • CT limit warnings.

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Integrated Design, Execution, and Real-Time Evaluation

CoilCAT Coiled Tubing Computer-Aided Treatment
The CoilCAT coiled tubing computer-aided treatment directly links a PC with the numerous sensors of the CT unit to capture all required parameters. Download product sheet