Coiled Tubing Surface Equipment

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Reduce rig time with advanced CT equipment

Our new-generation coiled tubing (CT) equipment increases the efficiency of coiled tubing services, and offers unrestricted wellhead access. The CT EXPRESS rapid-deployment unit has reduced rig uptime from 3 hours to less than 30 minutes. The CT SEAS unit is more safe and efficient, and it reduces operations from 3.5 days to 2 days.

CT EXPRESS Rapid-Deployment Coiled Tubing Unit

CT SEAS Automated Offshore CT Unit

CT TComp CT Offshore Motion Compensation System

X-11 Modular Offshore CT Unit

Pressure Deployment CT System

Motion-Compensated Intervention Tower

Save time and minimize risk for deepwater operations by enabling precise perforating and other CT, wireline, and slickline operations concurrent with drilling activity.

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Improving Coiled Tubing Operational Capabilities in Mexico Offshore

X-11 Modular Offshore CT Unit
CT equipment selection, design, and intervention activity planning addresses offshore exploration and development challenges. Read technical paper