CT EXPRESS Rapid-Deployment Coiled Tubing Unit

Rig up and rig down quickly in low-pressure land wells

The CT EXPRESS rapid-deployment coiled tubing unit is designed for low-pressure, intermediate-depth land-based wells. This service

  • combines capabilities of four trucks into two tractor trailer units
  • enables quick rig up and rig down
  • eliminates the need to work under suspended load or climb on unit
  • provides process control of CT and pumping functions
  • improves job efficiency, economics, and safety of operation
  • provides reliability over rough terrain and in extreme conditions.

The CT EXPRESS unit is designed to complement CT operations with low pump rates, moderate pressures and nonstop pumping.

By electrically controlling the coiled tubing unit and pumps from the control chair, the unit provides better use of manpower, eliminating communication problems among operators.

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CT EXPRESS Unit Designed
for Extreme Climate Conditions

CT EXPRESS Rapid-Deployment Coiled Tubing Unit
During field tests, CT EXPRESS units performed more than 200 jobs without a single lost-time incident.
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