CoilTOOLS Coiled Tubing Intervention Tools and Solutions

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One-stop CT solutions for all downhole equipment requirements

Advanced coiled tubing tools are necessary for implementing coiled tubing technologies. The CoilTOOLS portfolio of coiled tubing intervention tools and solutions for standard bottomhole assemblies includes motor heads, connector checks, valve-disconnect assemblies, knuckle joints, fixed and hydraulic centralizers, fixed and rotary wash tools, nipple locators, gauge carriers, and a complete suite of downhole valves.

CoilFLATE Through-Tubing Inflatable Packer

Zonal isolation for chemically harsh, and high-temperature environments.

Vantage Modular CT Logging Head System

Retrieval and Fishing Tools

Discovery MLT Multilateral Reentry System

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Coil Tubing Services Enable Reabandonment and Save Rig Time

CoilTOOLS Tools and Solutions Enable Gulf of Mexico Operator to Efficiently Reabandon High-Risk Well
Large-OD CT pipe in conjunction with CoilTOOLS tools and solutions’ ruggedized milling and bridge plug coring assemblies enabled successful reabandonment in large casing while maintaining pressure control.
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