CoilFLATE Coiled Tubing Through-Tubing Inflatable Packer

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Zonal isolation for chemically harsh, and high-temperature environments

Designed for extreme conditions, the CoilFLATE coiled tubing through-tubing inflatable packer extends critical zonal isolation capability to previously inaccessible, chemically harsh, and high-temperature environments. The CoilFLATE packer eliminates the need for a workover rig because the packer is run on either coiled tubing or jointed pipe into vertical, deviated or horizontal tools. Remedial operations can be performed without killing the well.

Permanently abandon zones or temporarily isolate wellbore areas

By deploying the CoilFLATE packer, you can permanently abandon zones or temporarily isolate tool areas for tubing integrity testing, wellhead testing, and general pressure testing in openhole and cased hole wells. The packer's resistance against aggressive chemicals lets you selectively place treatment fluids for acid stimulation, water control, and chemical treatment.

Robust design keeps packer anchored in place in severe conditions 

The CoilFLATE packer design keeps the packer anchored in place, providing a reliable high-pressure seal at large inflation ratios (2:1 at 5,000 psi, 3:1 at 2,000 psi). It also allows extended assembly exposure at temperatures up to 375 degF under harsh conditions and in almost any chemical environment.

HPHT system ensures absolute depth control

The CoilFLATE packer high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) system ensures absolute depth control via casing collar log correlation for optimum packer positioning.

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Isolation of Water Producing Interval in a Horizontal Well

CoilFLATE inflatable through-tubing packer in open hole.
A detailed study is presented including planning and decision-making aimed at technical and practical challenges, risk assessment and reduction methods, stages of work, and planning during the water shut-off process.
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