Vantage Modular CT Logging Head System

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Save rig-up and operational time

Available in both 1 11/16 and 2 1/2 in, the Vantage modular CT logging head system is designed to standardize e-line coiled tubing connectivity. Its increased reliability, modular interchangeability, and uniquely designed bayonet CT connector reduce rig-up time. And its 3 bbl/min flow-through capability speeds operational time.

Connect via plug-and-play components

The Vantage system's modular plug-and-play connections physically and electrically couple the components. These connections enable rapid interchangeability and reduce nonproductive time. Together, the CT flush OD bayonet connector and cable termination tool enables pretermination of the electrical connection before the CT is stabbed through the injector head chains. The Vantage system can perform multiple runs in hole without redressing.

Extend CT head life

High-strength, corrosion-resistant alloy materials protect the Vantage system from excess abrasion and wear, making it ideal for offshore, land, desert, and arctic environments—and for oil, gas, and injector wells. It is rated for working pressure of 13,500 psi, maximum temperature of 375 degF, and maximum tensile strength of 40,000 lbm.

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Integrated CT System Saves Operator USD 760,000 in Additional Runs

Vantage Modular CT Logging Head System
Vantage logging head system, ASFS firing system, and e-line coiled tubing overcome challenges to complete two HPHT, extended-reach exploratory wells for OMV. Read tech report