Xtreme Coil Services, A Schlumberger Company

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Xtreme Coil Services joined Schlumberger in 2016 through acquisition of the AC-electric coiled tubing drilling and coiled tubing units from Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp.

Comprising 150 employees, Xtreme Coil Services operates a fleet of 10 high-specification coiled tubing units featuring proprietary technology, including AC-powered, high-capacity coiled tubing injectors and modular transportation systems. Currently, Xtreme Coil Services operates 8 conventional well servicing units in Texas and 2 coiled tubing drilling units deployed internationally.

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Xtreme Coil Services
Sales Office
777 E. Sonterra Blvd.
San Antonio, Texas 78258
+1 210 821 3035
+1 281 409 3480
Xtreme Coil Services
Permian Basin Operations
7220 W. IH-20
Midland, Texas 78073
+1 432 742 5456
+1 281 409 3480
Xtreme Coil Services
South Texas Operations
4558 County Road 307
Jourdanton, Texas 78206
 +1 281 409 3480

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Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen

Coiled Tubing & Tools

High-Pressure Coiled Tubing

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Xtreme Coil Services, a Schlumberger Company

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