Expandable Steel Patches

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Repair and remediation of casing, tubing, and more

Saltel Industries, an upstream oilfield services company that joined Schlumberger in 2016, has developed, tested, and pioneered the use of expandable stainless steel patches. These patches are a life-of-well solution to

  • repair a zone of damaged casing, tubing, or screens
  • shut off unwanted perforations
  • seal damaged frac ports; a leaking sliding sleeve, coupling, or differential valve tool; or separated pipe
  • shut off water, gas, or sand production.

The expandable tubular is made from high-quality stainless steel with an elastomer outer skin and a profiled sealing system. It can be run on tubing, drillpipe, or CT. At depth, the patch is expanded using a high-pressure inflatable element and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seal. It molds to the casing, creating a high-pressure lining that guarantees only minimal loss of ID. The patch is expanded from the top down to facilitate retrieval of the setting tool.

Effective Solution Even for Extended Intervals

Four overlapping Saltel expandable patches were used to repair 157 ft of damaged screens and another two patches were used for a second damaged zone of 79 ft in a horizontal well in the Caspian Sea.
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Wide range of applications

Patches are available with various temperature ratings for a range of applications, including thermal recovery and geothermal wells; the ability to withstand most hydraulic fracturing pressures; and resistance to chemicals such as strong acids, alkalis, and nitrogen.

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Datasheets for Expandable Steel Patches

Saltel expandable steel patches datasheets
Detailed specifications for our wide range of expandable steel patches.
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(2.96 MB PDF)

Expandable Steel Patches Seal Casing Leaks in Cyclic Steam Stimulation Wells

Saltel High-Temperature Expandable Steel Patches Seal Casing Leaks in Two Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) Wells
High-temperature patches extend well life despite hostile well conditions.
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Patches Restore Casing and Enable Hydraulic Fracturing in North Dakota

Saltel Expandable Steel Patches Enable High-Rate Fracturing After Casing Damage
Saltel expandable steel patches repaired five wells with casing damage, leaving adequate ID for high-rate fracturing. Read case study