TrackMaster Select Modular Whipstock Sidetracking System

The TrackMaster comprehensive whipstock sidetracking system is a carefully reengineered solution providing more reliable tools for casing exits and openhole sidetracking. One member of the TrackMaster family is the TrackMaster Select system. 

The TrackMaster Select system is a modular tool configuration adaptable for applications from single or multiple casing exits and openhole sidetracking to offshore extended windows and multilateral wells. The redesigned mill features a cutting structure forged into the tool body, which incorporates superior cutting inserts brazed onto the blade. The result is a stronger, faster, and more reliable sidetracking system.

TrackMaster Select Equipment Sizes

The TrackMaster Select system includes whipstocks, anchors, packers, and mills for casing sizes ranging from 4 1/2 in to 20 in. See equipment sizes

Reducing sidetracking time and increasing system reliability

The system features a single-piece mill with integral blades and a newly designed cutting structure with brazed cylindrical cutters. The forged body eliminates the welding process and the resulting heat effect, producing a much stronger mill with improved fatigue life. The IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform was used to design the cutting structure that incorporates superior cutters to make milling faster than ever. The whipstock retrievability has also been improved as the hook slot location is optimized and the new mill design can preserve the thickness at the top of the whipstock, providing a more reliable sidetracking system. 

Digitally enabled for better planning and higher performance

Unique to the TrackMaster Select system is the ability to design an optimum BHA, model window geometry, and perform following string pass-through and milling simulations, as well as bending stress and downhole dynamics analysis. It enables better performance right from the planning stage and is supported by the DrillPlan digital well construction planning solution. Overall well planning is improved to ensure high performance and that the exit window expedites passage of the BHA.

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One System—Multiple Configurations

TrackMaster Select System Configurations
Whether you have an offshore extended window, multilateral well, standard casing exits, or an open hole sidetrack, the TrackMaster Select system can be used for multiple applications. Choose your application