TrackMaster OH-C Openhole Whipstock and Cementing System

Circumvent cement plug sidetracking obstacles

TrackMaster comprehensive whipstock sidetracking solutions have been carefully reengineered to provide more reliable tools for casing exits and openhole sidetracking. One member of the TrackMaster solutions family is the TrackMaster OH-C system.  

For contingency planning of openhole sidetrack applications requiring isolation of the original borehole with a cement plug below the kickoff point, the TrackMaster OH-C system circumvents obstacles that are encountered with conventional cement plug sidetracking. A bit-friendly ramp provides a precise kickoff point and lowers bending stresses in the drilling assembly. The system also provides isolation of the pilot hole if required.

Perform openhole sidetracks without waiting for cement to cure

Traditional cement plug sidetracking involves pumping cement to provide the kickoff plug, waiting for the cement to cure, and then drilling through the cement. A number of downhole factors affect the success of the cement plug setting operation, and multiple attempts are frequently required before a successful plug is obtained.

With the TrackMaster OH-C system, setting the whipstock and the cementing operation are accomplished in a single trip, saving the costs of extra trip time, additional cement plugs, loss of drilling days, and reconfiguration of the drilling trajectory. After setting, any drill bit and BHA configuration can be tripped in for kickoff from the whipstock.

Place a cement isolation barrier as required

For applications requiring isolation of the original borehole with a cement plug below the kickoff point, a tailpipe string is tripped in below the whipstock anchor. The tailpipe allows selective placement and length of the cement plug below the whipstock. It also provides cement plug integrity by reducing contamination to the plug that is caused by removing the drillstring.


  • Accurate control of kickoff depth and direction with special fine-grain alloy steel whip deflector
  • Lower bending stresses with bit-friendly ramp
  • Large ID for higher rate of pumping
  • Torque transmission through running tool–whipstock interface
  • Anchor slip design to enable flow around the anchor and provide protection from bullheading cement
  • Collet retention to enable running extended lengths of tailpipe below the whipstock, which enables selective cement plug placement

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