Dynamically monitor and control downhole operations

Although slickline has always been a well-accepted technique for maintaining production on target and keeping opex within budget, it traditionally provided minimal information on operational status. The introduction of LIVE digital slickline services and OPTICall thermal profile and investigation service significantly expands the scope of work that can be efficiently and economically conducted on slickline.

Now the wellsite engineer can monitor downhole activity and dynamically control operations. Depth precision through continuous depth correlation enhances operational quality, safety, and performance. The result is significant time savings and greater confidence, delivered by the largest fleet of slickline units in the industry.

LIVE Digital Slickline Services

Log, perforate, set, seal, and perform mechanical operations with digital surface control and depth correlation. Make decisions and take actions in real time based on accurate downhole measurements—all on slickline.

SIMultra Retrievable Bridge Plug

Memory Production Logging Services

Experience advanced production logging measurements with the same accuracy and quality as those from the real-time configuration in situations that preclude surface readout operation.

Slickline Perforating

Thermal Profile and Investigation Service

Multifinger Caliper Tool

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Slickline Services Maintain Production Around the World

Map showing the business names under which slickline services are delivered around the world
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Analyze and Diagnose Using DTS

OPTICall Thermal Profile and Investigation Service

OPTICall thermal profile and investigation service uses distributed temperature sensing to track wellbore fluid movement, evaluate downhole performance, and diagnose production issues, all on demand.

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