LIVE Digital Slickline Services

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Control and monitor downhole operations with certainty

LIVE digital slickline services enable performing a wider range of activities with control and certainty, anywhere there’s slickline access.

The integral coating of the cable enables two-way digital communication during deployment using a standard slickline unit and pressure control equipment. Sensors in the downhole digital cartridge measure cable tension, detect shock and well deviation, and monitor internal temperature.

The depth correlation capabilities of LIVE services confirm that operations are on depth and provide the exact position of the downhole tool at all times. With continuous depth correlation your operations can be adapted in real time and the success of the job can be confirmed before pulling out of the hole.

LIVE Act Digital Slickline Mechanical Services

LIVE Perf Digital Slickline Perforating Services

Perforate, punch tubing, and cut for pipe recovery—on depth and in real time.

LIVE PL Digital Slickline Production Logging Services

Run real-time production logs with the efficiency of slickline across a range of wellbore environments.

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Slickline Service Enabled Gauge Pulling in Highly Deviated Well

Real-time surface readout avoids an additional run when pulling memory gauges. Read case study