LIVE Act Digital Slickline Mechanical Services

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Enhance the quality and safety of mechanical operations

LIVE Act digital slickline mechanical services improve the quality and safety of conventional slickline operations such as gauge cutter runs, drift runs, and pulling and setting of subsurface safety valves (SSVs). Gas lift valve installation, for instance, can be monitored and promptly checked for possible leakage or malfunction.

In addition to accurate depth determination using gamma ray and casing collar locator (CCL) measurements, advanced sensors provide real-time surface readout (SRO) of downhole head tension, shock, and deviation. This increased knowledge of the status of the downhole toolstring is extremely useful if abnormal or unexpected events occur, especially in deviated wells and during jarring or fishing. The measurements make it possible to refine operating procedures to better match well conditions and improve subsequent job assessment. The success of an operation can be confirmed while still in the hole. 

The following tools are exclusive to LIVE Act services:

D-Jar Digital Downhole Adjustable Jar

LIVE Act services measure tension at the head of the toolstring, and the D-Jar digital downhole adjustable jar is electrically released based on that measurement. This brings unprecedented efficiency, flexibility, and control to jarring operations, reducing the stress on the line. Each stroke is initiated and monitored from the surface. Download product sheet (0.35 MB PDF)

DCR Digital Controlled Release Tool

The DCR digital controlled release tool enables controlled separation of the toolstring head and tool assembly, leaving a standard internal and external fishing profile downhole. Download product sheet (0.12 MB PDF)

D-Set Digital Electrohydraulic Setting Tool

The D-Set digital electrohydraulic setting tool is an industry-compatible electrohydraulic, battery-powered setting device, controlled digitally from the surface. The actuator uses hydraulic pressure to create pull or movement. Accurate depth control is delivered by downhole gamma ray and CCL measurements. Download product sheet (0.49 MB PDF)

DSJ Digital Spang Jar

The DSJ electrically through-wired mechanical jar provides simple mechanical jarring capability for the standard digital slickline toolstring, in particular for plug- or packer-setting services using the D-Set tool. The compact design uses the D-Set tool’s battery housing to achieve the tool stroke. Download product sheet (0.17 MB PDF)

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