LIVE Perf Digital Slickline Perforating Services

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Perforate, punch tubing, and cut for pipe recovery—on depth and in real time

LIVE Perf digital slickline perforating services enable thru-tubing perforation, tubing cutter and puncher deployment, and pipe recovery with accurate depth control in real time. Multiple safety-enhancing features are incorporated into the design to improve operational control.

The D-Trig digital activation device is configured on the basis of the type of detonator used. It is connected to the control module, which incorporates the safety systems and receives the firing signal from the surface, initiating the firing sequence. The pressure and temperature safety sub below prevents any power from being sent to the detonator if the pressure and temperature do not exceed preset levels. In addition, a controlled safety fuse can isolate the downhole battery from the initiation circuits, either following a command from the surface or automatically after a preset time interval in case of lost telemetry.

eFire-SL Slickline-Deployed Electronic Firing Head

Fire guns and initiate tool setting with an electronic firing head system that gives you full control of arming, firing, aborting, and rearming if needed.
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