LIVE PL Digital Slickline Production Logging Services

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Run real-time production logs across a range of wellbore environments

LIVE PL digital slickline production logging services enable running real-time production logs where previously memory logging would have been the only option. Examples are offshore wells with a reduced platform deck area or crane lifting capacities, as well as remote wells with complex logistics. When both slickline and electric wireline compatibility is required at the wellsite, LIVE PL services make it possible to conduct all operations with the same unit and line: only which downhole tools are run is changed. This versatility can be a determining factor in wells and fields with tight economics.

High-quality production logging sensors

LIVE PL services provide any combination of the following sensors or a complete suite of production logs in multiphase production wells or water injection wells:

  • Gamma ray and digital CCL for depth correlation
  • Inline strain gauge to measure temperature and pressure
  • Inline flowmeter for a high flow rate or fluid velocity measurement in tubing
  • Quartz gauge for pressure, temperature, and capacitance water holdup measurement
  • Caged fullbore or continuous flowmeter to measure downhole fluid velocity

Logging adjusted in real-time as well conditions change

LIVE PL services run logs with greater depth accuracy than what is possible with memory production logging, and the logging program is adjustable in real time to correspond to well conditions. The shut-in periods needed for transient buildup tests are reduced compared with those required with memory gauges. Knuckle joints to assist operation in deviated wells and centralizers are available.

Memory backup and interpretation

All logging tools run with LIVE PL services are interfaced with memory backup, which records data in downhole memory at the same time as transmission to surface. Full interpretation of production logging data using industry-leading software packages is available from Schlumberger experts.

The following tools are exclusive to LIVE PL services:

DCF Digital Continuous Flowmeter

The digital continuous flowmeter (DCF) is a mechanical spinner that can be combined with the digital flowmeter cartridge to provide flow measurement in casing or tubing. Download product sheet (0.08 MB PDF)

DFF Digital Fullbore Flowmeter

The digital fullbore flowmeter (DFF) is a mechanical spinner section that can be combined with the digital flowmeter cartridge to provide flow measurement in casing. Download product sheet (0.17 MB PDF)

DIF Digital In-Line Flowmeter

The digital in-line flowmeter (DIF) is a spinner flowmeter that provides a secondary spinner measurement in high fluid velocities.
Download product sheet (0.13 MB PDF)

DPI Digital Slickline Production Logging Interface

The digital slickline production logging interface (DPI) provides operators with the ability to control acquisition by the production logging tools downhole.
Download product sheet (0.37 MB PDF) 

DTC Digital Temperature Capacitance Tool

The digital temperature capacitance (DTC) tool combines three key production logging sensors in one compact, reliable package.
Download product sheet (0.09 MB PDF)

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