OPTICall Thermal Profile and Investigation Service

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Analyze and diagnose problems on demand using DTS

The OPTICall thermal profile and investigation service combines the features of permanently installed fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) systems with the convenience of standard slickline to provide thermal profiling of the wellbore. The OPTICall service uses the OpticLine fiber-optic line that allows single-ended, on-demand DTS in real time, from tool depth in the well to surface. The fiber-optic line is deployed in the same way as standard slickline and acts as both the sensing element—temperature sampled at discrete points along the entire length—as well as the data transmission medium. Data is monitored continuously on surface, allowing for quick interventions and well remediation immediately after the measurements and analysis.


  • Leak detection, gas lift optimization, and fracture evaluation
  • Investigation for diagnostic and well maintenance operations
  • Mature wells that were completed before DTS was available or where the installation of permanent DTS was uneconomical

Data analysis

THERMA thermal modeling and analysis DTS software is used with the OPTICall service to assess well flow performance in production, injection, and acid stimulation applications. The software loads multiple DTS traces recorded at different times, and a smoothing algorithm reduces statistical noise in the data, allowing the traces to be examined in detail. By viewing a series of traces over the length of the wellbore, the THERMA software provides a complete diagnostic picture which assists in well production enhancement.

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Fiber Optic Service Helps Improve Results in the Field

THERMA software model showing monitoring of gas lift valves during gas lift startup.
The OPTICall service has been successfully run on- and offshore in more than 250 wells in 11 countries.
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Thermal Profiling On Demand

OPTICall Thermal Profile and Investigation Service
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