PipeView Multifinger Caliper Tool

Accurate measurements of casing and tubing ID

The PipeView multifinger caliper tool makes highly accurate measurements of the ID of tubing and casing strings. It operates in memory mode, with several diameters and finger configurations for logging tubing and casing, ranging from 1 3/4- to 7 1/2-in OD. It is ideal for corrosion progress investigation where comprehensive data is required to

  • identify areas of corrosion, erosion, and mechanical damage
  • identify paraffin, salt, scale, and other solid deposits
  • assess corrosion rates
  • determine equipment useful life
  • optimize workover programs.

3D visualization of internal tubular damage, wear, and deposits

The PipeView tool includes an inclinometer and provides relative bearing measurements for finger wellbore alignment. Information gathered in memory mode can be utilized for basic wellsite interpretation and pipe quality reports, or it can be further processed with enhanced data analysis, 3D imaging, and reporting.

The multifinger caliper tool is suitable for all environments, especially where acoustic tools cannot be run, such as with gas in the well or in heavy mud. It provides a mechanical image of the internal tubular corrosion using

  • penetration ratio or radius image with individual caliper readings
  • histogram of caliper readings
  • radial plot of each depth interval chosen (automatically identifies the most worn or damaged section)
  • 3D-View PipeView analysis and visualization software.

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