Thru-Tubing Intervention Tools

Reliable solutions for thru-tubing operations

With a wide variety of reliable tools for thru-tubing operations, Schlumberger can meet and exceed your well’s connecting, pulling, centralizing, milling, indexing, and cutting needs.

Neyrfor Turbodrills


Pulling Tools


Double-Acting Tools

Dual-Flapper Check Valve




Hydraulic Indexing Tool

Motorhead Assembly

Neyrfor TTT Thru-Tubing Turbodrill


TT Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

One-trip pipe cutting.

Milling Tools

DynaForce TT High-Performance Thru-Tubing Motors

Single-Acting Tools

Thru-Tubing Sidetracking 

Exit standard steel casing below the production tubing.

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TT Hydraulic Pipe Cutter Saves Deviated Well

Pacific Rubiales Saves Deviated Exploration Well With Thru-Tubing Intervention Technology
Thru-tubing hydraulic pipe cutter allows recovering 4-in cemented drillpipe to perform openhole sidetrack, Colombia. Read case study

Cutting/Pulling System
Minimizes Number of Trips
for Recovery Operation

Technical paper authors discuss the tools, technology and methods developed to significantly reduce pipe cutting and recovery time in subsea plug and abandonment operations, and in the slot recovery program for existing platforms. Read technical paper