Thru-Tubing Connections

Coiled tubing external connector

To attach the BHA to coiled tubing (CT) for applications like motors and fishing assemblies, external CT connectors deliver high tensile strength, high pressure and torque resistance, set screws to prevent rotation, and double O-ring seals. They are available for CT sizes from 1 to 2 7/8 in, in both standard and slimline configurations. The slimline configuration is designed specifically for restricted wellbore applications. Internal connectors are also available in slip, roller, and dimple configurations.

Quick connector

The quick connector allows for easy toolstring makeup, especially in applications where it is difficult to rotate the toolstring to engage threads. The quick connector withstands the force of milling and jarring and is particularly well-suited for long BHAs.

This connector has a locking taper that allows each section of the toolstring to stab into the next, as well as a safety locking collar to prevent the first section from backing off.

Hydraulic disconnects

The TJ and heavy-duty hydraulic disconnects provide a predetermined release point in a BHA. These disconnects withstand extreme torsional and tensile loads exerted during jarring and underreaming, making them a key component in demanding thru-tubing applications. They function with an internal piston that is actuated at a predetermined pressure by dropping a ball, which allows the assembly to separate, leaving the lower section of the tool downhole. Circulation ports are opened upon disconnection, producing a pressure drop at surface and alerting the operator of the successful disconnect.

For future ease of retrieval, the top of the remaining disconnect is equipped with an internal and external fishing profile. Moreover, a hydraulically balanced piston prevents accidental disconnects.

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