DynaForce TT High-Performance Thru-Tubing Motors

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Tailored power for demanding thru-tubing applications

DynaForce TT high-performance thru-tubing motors deliver the best power and efficiency of any conventional motor in the market to meet the specific job requirements of downhole applications like milling, cleanout operations, coiled tubing, and thru-tubing underreaming and sidetracking.

By converting hydraulic fluid energy into mechanical energy, these motors produce power that can be tailored for maximum efficiency.

Range of classes ensure precise performance

DynaForce TT motors are available in two performance classes: medium-speed high-torque, and high-speed high-torque. All motor components, including power and lower end sections, are rated for harsh environments that include high solids contents, N2 pumping, and HPHT conditions up to 350 degF. They are configured to supply a precise amount of torque and rpm to ensure effective, efficient downhole tool performance with minimum stalls.

Versatile power section for specific applications

With the DynaForce TT motor available in sizes from 1.69 through 3.38 in, and in different configurations per size, there is at least one motor suited for every coiled and thru-tubing application.

Endurance in harsh conditions and well parameters

The rugged bearing assembly tolerates high side loading, extreme WOB, and overpull. In addition, the seal assembly is mechanical, which enables the mud-lubricated bearings to facilitate reliable actuation of high-pressure tools.

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