TT Hydraulic Pipe Cutter

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One-trip pipe cutting for thru-tubing applications

The TT hydraulic pipe cutter improves cutting efficiency to deliver one-trip pipe cutting. Its extremely durable cutting knives are dressed with a variety of cutting structures, and the amount of hydraulic pressure required to open the knives can be reset in the field in a matter of minutes. A pressure indicator on surface alerts the job supervisor when the knives are fully deployed, signaling that the cut has been completed.

The TT hydraulic pipe cutter can be run on either coiled tubing (CT) or jointed pipe. When deployed on CT, an anchoring system, stabilizer, and positive displacement motor (PDM) can be incorporated to ensure the most efficient operation.

Three-knife design engages quickly to sever tubing or drillpipe

To engage and quickly sever tubing or drillpipe, the TT hydraulic pipe cutter features three knives dressed with specially designed Millmaster tungsten carbide inserts (TCIs). This knife design produces lower point-loading across the cutting surface, resulting in longer life and the durability to complete operations in a single run. Knife blades can be changed on the rig, permitting multiple cuts and allowing the tools to be customized for cutting various tubular sizes.

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TT Hydraulic Pipe Cutter Saves Deviated Well

Pacific Rubiales Saves Deviated Exploration Well With Thru-Tubing Intervention Technology
Thru-tubing hydraulic pipe cutter allows recovering 4-in cemented drillpipe to perform openhole sidetrack, Colombia. Read case study