Thru-Tubing Milling Tools

T Series mill

Combining low weight and torque requirements with Millmaster tungsten carbide insert (TCI) technology, the T Series mill provides superior performance for thru-tubing operations.

T Series DOG sub

The T Series DOG sub uses a short body design and a wear-resistant cutting structure to deliver high performance for coiled tubing (CT) and thru-tubing rotary drilling (TTRD) reaming and milling applications. It actively engages residual cement and scale in cleanout operations or the hole wall in drilling applications, leaving a full-gauge wellbore. Synthetic diamond-enhanced inserts (DEIs) provide an abrasion-resistant reaming element housed in a tool short enough to run between the mill or rock bit and the mud motor. The additional well contact provides near-mill stabilization, which improves the performance of both the mud motor and the mill.

Stage mill

Stage mills are specifically designed for profile enlargement, mechanical scale removal, and opening other restrictions. They can be used to cost effectively increase the ID of flow control equipment, such as seating nipples and no-gos.

i-MILL TT Intervention Mill

The i-MILL TT intervention mill uses an engineered higher-durability cutting structure to provide a balanced and consistent milling profile capable of efficiently clearing hard deposits, scale, and cement from well tubulars. The mill enables optimal performance while producing smaller, more uniform cuttings with less torque and weight required.

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