i-MILL TT Intervention Mill

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Mill provides consistent profile with increased ROP

The i-Mill TT intervention mill provides a balanced and consistent milling profile capable of efficiently clearing hard deposits, scale, and cement from tubing, casing, and liners. It can also be used as a pilot mill in combination with a thru-tubing underreamer.

Developed using the IDEAS integrated drillbit design platform, the i-Mill TT mill enables optimal milling results at low torque with reduced lateral vibrations and increased ROP, producing small and uniform cuttings to facilitate the well cleanup process. The mill can be powered by a thru-tubing turbine or positive displacement motor to effectively remove cement or scale to restore wellbore access.

PDC inserts are standard, but the i-MILL TT mill can be dressed with TCI inserts for less-demanding applications. The diameter of the mill can be customized to meet specific gauge requirements.

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Superior Milling Performance for Restored Wellbore Access

i-MILL TT intervention mill
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