Thru-Tubing Pulling Tools

Mechanical pulling tool

Using a catching mechanism actuated with jar-up or jar-down shear and release forces, the mechanical pulling tool retrieves downhole tools with standard wireline profiles. It can be easily converted from jar-up to jar-down actuation by replacing the top sub, core, and retainer screw.

Hydraulic pulling tool

The hydraulic pulling tool retrieves downhole tools with standard wireline profiles with a collet mechanism that latches the tool onto the fish with weight down, and the tool is released from the fish when the set downweight and differential pressure are applied. Because fluid is pumped through the tool prior to latching, debris or fill materialsĀ are washed from the top of the fish, ensuring a secure latch. The collet system also provides maximum fishing neck contact for heavy jarring operations. And because the activation differential is provided by circulation through an insert in the core, this tool does not require shear pins or drop balls for release.

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