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TMC single-acting hydraulic fishing jar

For harsh fishing operations including stuck pipe, packer retrieval, tubing removal, milling, and debris recovery, the TMC single-acting hydraulic fishing jar combines optimal impact characteristics with high-endurance construction for reliable performance. The jar can also be used for plug-and-abandonment operations such as pipe recovery and wellhead removal. It has a temperature compensation system in the detent that permits prolonged jarring without losing impact force, along with a closed drive system that prevents wellbore fluid from entering the drive section, improving tool performance and reliability.

TMC single-acting fishing accelerator

The TMC single-acting fishing accelerator improves jar impact by providing a supercharged blow directly above the fish. The TMC accelerator’s robust design, materials quality, and comprehensive quality requirements ensure reliable performance in even the harshest fishing conditions.

This accelerator absorbs shock waves that propagate up the workstring and damage tool joints, top drives, and other surface components. It has a closed-drive system to prevent wellbore fluid from entering the drive section—improving reliability—and interchangeable parts for conversion between accelerators and hydraulic jars—reducing parts inventories and increasing flexibility. Used in conjunction with the TMC single-acting fishing jar, the TMC accelerator maximizes jar impact regardless of depth because it either

  • replaces pipe stretch as the energy source in shallow holes
  • supplements pipe stretch energy in deeper wells.

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TMC Accelerator Specifications

TMC Single-Acting Fishing Accelerator
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