Thru-Tubing Subs

Meet your fishing objectives & extend downhole tool life

TMC bumper sub

With maximum stroke length and a high torque-transmission capacity, the TMC bumper sub allows operators to bump up or down until fishing objectives are met. This bumper sub has a robust design and strict requirements for materials and quality, ensuring reliable performance in even the harshest downhole environments. It is suitable for all fishing operations—stuck pipe, packer retrieving, tubing removal, milling, and debris recovery—as well as plug-and-abandonment operations such as pipe recovery and wellhead removal. The bumper sub can also release spears or overshots, dislodge a stuck string, and act as a feedoff tool for backoff jobs.

Dual-circulating sub

The dual-circulating sub is designed to extend the life of mud motors and other downhole tools by diverting mud circulation away from the components. Activated by dropping a ball, the dual-circulating sub prevents actuation of circulation-driven equipment during extended periods of pumping. The sub is equipped with a rupture disc so that is a downhole restriction prevents ball-drop actuation, pressure can be applied to burst the disc and resume circulation to annulus. The dual-circulating sub is useful for

  • preventing downhole tool wear in installations where extended circulation is necessary
  • increasing annular velocities following cleanout
  • increasing fluid volumes pumped into the annulus during cleanout
  • pumping nitrogen into the wellbore for fluid evacuation.

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TMC Bumper Sub Specifications

TMC Bumper Sub
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