2M Spears

Standard spear

The 2M standard spear has torque-transmitting characteristics that make it ideal for demanding operations, such as releasing mudline suspension systems on jackup rigs. It can be used for picking up short pieces of casing in situations where casing is being cut into pieces and recovered.

To increase tolerance to casing wear, the grapple-and-carrier combination design of the 2M standard spear allows considerable variation of catch size. The strength of this combination is limited only by the strength of the API connection joining the two pieces, which is generally higher than that of the drillstring.

Rotating spear

For single-trip recovery of tubulars (such as conductor pipe, marine risers, or cutting and recovering section casing), the 2M rotating spear engages the casing prior to cutting, severs mechanically by a normal pipe cutter, and recovers to surface—all in one operation. Considerable rig time is saved without sacrificing reliability.

Using the 2M rotating spear, the casing cutting tool can operate in a neutral position or with a slight overpull, and the weight of the casing is supported at all times. The spear itself is engaged in the casing, with the weight taken from the grapple through the outer mandrel onto the bearing assembly. Bearings are capable of supporting in excess of 600,000 lbm, and the spear can operate under severe rotating loads.

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