Hydraulic Multicycle Pipe Cutter

Cut and pull casing to reduce swarf at surface

The CutMaster X3 pipe cutter cuts casing into smaller, manageable lengths that can be pulled to surface individually, reducing tubular handling and swarf waste at surface. As a result, mud plant and pressure control equipment remain contaminant free, and the rig crew has less exposure to contaminants. 

Indexing piston that triples cutting capacity 

The CutMaster X3 pipe cutter’s indexing piston enables it to switch to a different set of cutting blades with each flow cycle, which provides triple the cutting capacity of conventional pipe cutters. The Flo-Tel downhole mechanical position indicator provides a pressure indication at the surface of successful cuts at each cutter position. This information eliminates the risk of pulling out of hole before the cutting operation is complete.

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P&A Service Frees, Recovers Casing in One Trip

Unique single-trip cut, circulate, and pull service saves two trips on deepwater GOM slot recovery. Read case study