Slot Recovery

Return nonproducing wells to production faster, easier, and safer with a full scope of slot recovery technologies

When production from a well is no longer profitable, the options are to permanently P&A the well and remove the wellhead or to re-use the slot by P&A the original well and sidetracking a new wellbore.

Slot recovery enables reusing a plugged, nonproducing well slot to drill for additional resources from the same surface structure. These types of operations typically involve mechanically removing a section of casing, followed by performing an openhole sidetrack or a casing exit provided by a large-diameter whipstock and mill combination. Schlumberger offers the full scope of slot recovery technologies and services to help return nonproducing wells to production faster, easier, and safer.

Well casing removal strategies

Strategies for mechanical removal of the original well casing include either pilot milling to TD for whipstock positioning in cased hole and openhole applications or cutting and pulling the casing string. Schlumberger offers the K-Master section mill for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs in the lower wellbore, followed by a TrackMaster OH openhole whipstock sidetracking system for a kickoff to drill the new well. The CutMaster X3 hydraulic multicycle pipe cutter allows up to 12 cuts during a single trip compared with conventional pipe cutters, which are limited to two cuts per trip. By cutting casing into smaller, manageable lengths, swarf waste—that typically results from pilot milling operations—is significantly reduced.

Returning abandoned or redundant slots back to production

Advances in whipstock design have substantially increased the feasibility of reusing abandoned or redundant slots without the time-consuming process of section milling or cutting and pulling multiple sections of casing. TrackMaster CH cased hole whipstock systems are designed to provide a low dogleg casing exit and modeled to ensure minimal effects on subsequent liner and completion strings.

Hydraulic Multicycle Pipe Cutter

Save rig time and surface exposure in P&A and slot recovery operations with three sets of blades that can deliver up to 12 cuts in one trip.

Section Milling

Single-trip milling to ensure rock-to-rock isolation.

Drillpipe and Casing Cutters

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