CutMaster X3 Hydraulic Multicycle Pipe Cutter

Save rig time in P&A and slot recovery operations

The CutMaster X3 hydraulic multicycle pipe cutter has three sets of blades that can make up to 12 cuts in a single trip, saving valuable rig time and surface exposure in P&A and slot recovery operations. Conventional pipe cutters are generally only capable of making a limited number of cuts, and then the pipe cutter must be tripped out of hole to change cutting blades. Multiple cuts in a single trip require less handling at surface tripping in and out of hole to change blades, minimizing the rig crew needed and the crew’s HSE exposure.


  • Three sets of blades that can perform up to 12 cuts in one trip
  • Surface confirmation of successful cuts at each cutter position
  • Contingency cutting capacity for standard P&A cutting operations
  • Casing cutting in planned and optimized section lengths
  • Continuous indexing piston to switch cutting blades with each flow cycle
  • Full integration with Shortcut deepwater plug and abandonment system spear and a positive displacement motor

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