ReSOLVE Instrumented Wireline Intervention Service

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Monitor and control interventions in real time with the intelligent wireline workover solution

ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service features a modular family of intervention tools that deliver real-time monitoring, dynamic tool control, and verified downhole actuation to set new standards for success in well intervention operations. Sensors incorporated in the ReSOLVE service tools enable the engineer to monitor tool activity and the progress of downhole operations while responsively controlling the tool for optimal performance. By integrating monitoring and control, ReSOLVE service eliminates the reliance on estimates and assumptions that is typical with conventional “blind” intervention methods.

Five fully instrumented intervention tools

The five tools of modular ReSOLVE instrumented service are readily assembled on the basic configuration consisting of the telemetry and control modules:

High-Force Linear Actuator Tool

Selective Universal Shifting Tool (UST)

Nonexplosive Setting Tool

Milling Tool

Active Debris Removal Tool

Conveyance flexibility

Conveyance is on wireline by gravity or optionally with the UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor, TuffTRAC cased hole services tractor, or MaxTRAC downhole wireline tractor system in highly deviated and horizontal wells.

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ReSOLVE Intervention Pulls Stuck Deep-Set HPHT Plug

Real-time monitoring of the plug release by the ReSOLVE system verified the operation’s progress and documented downhole pressure conditions.
Real-time measurement of the precisely controlled anchor force and linear actuator displacement of ReSOLVE service confirms plug equalization and release before pulling out. Read case study

Modular Versatility for Your Intervention Needs

ReSOLVE service’s multiple modules provide targeted instrumented intervention solutions.
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