ReSOLVE Service Active Debris Removal Tool

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Efficient removal of wellbore debris

The ReSOLVE service’s active debris removal tool efficiently vacuums wellbore debris to enable access for further interventions or tractor conveyance. A powerful downhole pump generates localized circulation of the wellbore fluid and collects settled debris. Bailers remove solids from the flow through a combination of gravity separation and filtration, trapping debris to eliminate the risk of losing debris as the toolstring is recovered to the surface.

Bidirectional capability for operational flexibility

The pump can be operated in both the collecting and jetting functions in the same run. This capability makes it possible to unblock the bailer intake or stir up settled debris as needed, and it can also be used to free the toolstring if it becomes buried in debris. The real-time measurement capability of ReSOLVE service’s debris removal tool enables operators to detect when the bailers are clogged or full to appropriately adjust the pumping rate, initiate jetting, or work the toolstring to optimize collection efficiency.

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