ReSOLVE High-Force Linear Actuator Tool

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Controlled, measured application of axial force

ReSOLVE service's combination of anchor and linear actuator modules reliably applies controlled axial force to well components. The linear actuator tool can be used with either the ReSOLVE service UST or third-party shifting, pulling, or other interface tools.

Minimized-imprint anchoring for maximized traction

The anchor module opens with the industry’s largest reach of nearly 2 in diametrically to precisely exert up to 150,000 lbf of anchoring force. The innovative low-stress anchor grips minimize the tubing imprint while maximizing traction.

Multiple extension and retraction

Once anchoring is confirmed to the surface, the linear actuator can be extended or retracted multiple times to apply a large, controlled force of up to 40,000 lbf to the specific well component. Continuous measurements of displacement and the applied force validate completion of the operation.

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Setting World-Record Plugs
at 28,000+ ft

The real-time measurements of plug setting in the Tahiti IS002 well confirm the success of the ReSOLVE setting tool operation.
The ReSOLVE real-time response measured in the Tahiti IS002 well confirms success in setting a world record for plug depth of installation on wireline. Read the Case Study

Speed, Force, and Displacement: Precisely Controlled and Measured

ReSOLVE High-Force Linear Actuator Tool ReSOLVE High-Force Linear Actuator Tool
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