ReSOLVE Milling Tool

The first truly robotic intervention system

The MillOptimizer automatic milling system seamlessly integrates the milling tool of ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service and the TuffTRAC cased hole services tractor to operate as a single intelligent, instrumented system in milling through debris and scale buildups, tubing restrictions, and plugs.

Constant bit speed

The engineer sets the bit speed and the desired bit torque. While operating, the milling tool communicates the bit torque to the tractor in real time, and the tractor continuously adjusts the applied WOB to keep the system milling at a constant bit speed.

Automatic stalling control

The MillOptimizer system enables the milling tool to automatically respond to variations in the amount of scale by pushing with less or more force as necessary to operate without stalling. If bit stalling does occur, it is immediately detected by the MillOptimizer system, which automatically stops the tool, disengages the scale by reversing the bit and tractor, and then resumes milling.

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4,650 ft of Barium Sulfate Scale Milled in 81 Operating Hours

The MillOptimizer automatic milling system for the ReSOLVE service’s milling tool delivers the world’s first truly robotic intervention system.
The MillOptimizer system automatically integrated operation of ReSOLVE service’s milling tool and the tractor to maintain consistent milling speed in the variable scale accumulations and recover from any bit stalling. Read case study

Seamless Integration of Milling Tool and Tractor

ReSOLVE Milling ToolReSOLVE Milling Tool
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