ReSOLVE Nonexplosive Setting Tool

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Large confirmed force and variable setting speed

ReSOLVE service’s setting tool is hydraulically powered, providing a large force of up to 78,000 lbf for setting plugs and packers. With real-time confirmation reporting of the setting force applied and a variable setting speed, the setting tool is a reliable, low-risk alternative to the conventional use of explosives to set plugs and packers. Not using explosives provides a significant advantage for operations in locations where explosives security and safety concerns can complicate logistics and cause delays.

Additional advantages over explosives use

Unlike conventional explosives-actuated plug-setting tools, ReSOLVE service’s setting tool can be performance tested at the surface before deployment, and radio silence is not necessary during operations.

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Ten inflow devices shifted with real-time confirmation in two runs

Successful shifting to open each of the 10 ICDs in the horizontal well is shown by the expected displacement and force signature that matches the reference log made at the surface.
The ReSOLVE shifting tool selectively opened the inflow control devices in the horizontal multizone completion, as confirmed by the force and displacement signatures. Read the Case Study

The Instrumented Nonexplosive Alternative for Setting Plugs and Packers

ReSOLVE Nonexplosive Setting ToolReSOLVE Nonexplosive Setting Tool
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