ReSOLVE Selective Universal Shifting Tool (UST)

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Multiple, confirmed shifts in a single run

ReSOLVE service’s UST makes multiple shifts in any direction in a single run, whether to a single component or multiple components in multizone completions. The UST is paired with the anchor and linear actuator, for which forces and displacements are measured to confirm that the expected force and distance were achieved.

Components engaged with compliant profile keys

To engage a selected completion component, the UST radially extends profile keys with a specified preload force. The extended keys remain compliant to navigate well geometry. Once the UST is latched into the profile of the component, the anchor secures the tool in the well, and the linear actuator extends or retracts to shift the component. The keys fully retract to enable the tool to pass restrictions.

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Make Multiple Selective Shifts in a Single Run

ReSOLVE Selective Universal Shifting Tool (UST)ReSOLVE Selective Universal Shifting Tool (UST)
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