Wireline-Set Plugs and Packers

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Isolate an interval or seal the borehole on wireline

A critical component for isolating an interval or sealing the borehole in many operations, packers and plugs vary in their application, setting method, and possible retrievability.

The PosiSet mechanical plug-back tool (MPBT) is used in rigless through-tubing recompletions. By using a mast or a crane, recompletions can be accomplished without the cost of a workover rig. An anchored elastomeric plug is run through tubing and set in casing to plug off fluid flow in the casing below the plug. The casing seal is similar to that produced by a cast-iron plug, but instead of an explosive charge, a downhole electric motor within the MPBT Setting Unit (MPSU) is used to contract the elastomer sealing assembly to form a firm seal against the casing wall. The plug is drillable and can be set in open hole, across perforations, and at gravel-pack screens. Download product sheet (0.54 MB PDF)

The Positive Displacement Dump Bailer is used to place the required cement plug on top of the PosiSet plug. Release of a weight bar displaces cement from the bailer sections. The plug can be pressure tested 24 h after the last bailer run, when the cement is at approximately 90% of its ultimate compressive strength.

The Casing Packer Setting Tool (CPST) provides a reliable method of deploying plugs and packers in the wellbore during completion, isolation, or abandonment. We can also set most third-party plugs and patches if supplied with appropriate adapter kits and tools.

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